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Menifee Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Women's Health Clinic - Tomas Araneta, M.D.​

Menifee Geriatric Medicine - Tomas Araneta, M.D.​

Geriatric Medicine​

Delivering the highest quality of care to our seniors for the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities.
Menifee Internal Medicine - Tomas Araneta, M.D.​

Internal Medicine

We specialize in diagnosing conditions in adult patients and the management of their chronic conditions.
Menifee Women's Health Clinic - Tomas Araneta, M.D.​

Women's Health Clinic

Diagnosing and treating conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Patient Reviews for Dr. Tomas Araneta, M.D.

James Chadwick
James Chadwick
July 13, 2022.
Dr. Araneta was extremely patient and kind. Had a very good experience.
Kathy Courtney
Kathy Courtney
July 22, 2020.
I have been going to Dr A for 20 years and I am very happy. When they made changes it was difficult at first. I find that as long as I am nice the staff is also nice. Dr Jamie is super!
Fran Cocco
Fran Cocco
August 1, 2019.
I really like the staff and the Pa is wonderful very caring office
Fredricka Martin
Fredricka Martin
December 5, 2018.
I love the staff always helpful. Dr A is so kind and takes extra time to listen to me and Jamie his NP is wonderful. I always tell everyone how great they are to me, they took great care of my father me and my kids. Thank you all

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Dr. Tomas Araneta, M.D.

About Dr. Tomas Araneta, M.D.'s Practice

Dr. Tomas Araneta’s medical office is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. Dr. Araneta is  Board-Certified and provides services for the following specialties: Internal Medicine, Geriatric Health, and Women’s Health.

Dr. Araneta has extensive experience and is highly qualified to diagnose and treat all health conditions. Dr. Araneta is also highly focused on preventive medicine. He will do everything possible to help patients avoid future health problems.

Dr. Araneta, a healthcare professional with many years of experience, understands that patient care is more than simply diagnosing symptoms and treating them. He provides whole person care to his patients by considering their mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical health.

Dr. Araneta strives to provide the highest quality of care for you and your family in Menifee, CA.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, as well as the HMO plans provided by AetnaAlignment HealthcareAnthem BlueCrossAnthem BlueShield CaliforniaBrand New DayCignaHealth NetHumanaScan Health Planand United Healthcare.

If you do not see your plan and would like to speak with one of our team members to check coverage, please contact us!

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Office of Menifee Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Women's Health Clinic - Tomas Araneta, M.D.








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